User Interface: The Legions 2029 DAPP

(Navigating the DAPP:

The Legions 2029 DAPP serves primarily for users to create a Legions 2029 Account, link their wallet, and perform blockchain functionality outside the game. While the game now allows users to perform all the item related functionality within the game, either using their inventory items, or using blockchain items via the Hyperplay Launcher, users who do not wish to connect their wallets to Hyperplay may perform blockchain functions by connecting to the Legions 2029 DAPP. Below you will find short descriptions of each section of the Legions 2029 DAPP.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab is where you begin on the Bioprinter. Here, you can Link your account to a blockchain wallet and cycle through your Biosynts.

While you can connect more than one wallet address to your Legions account, you will need to select one of those wallets to mint items that are dropped during your run through the Outskirts as NFTs.

Training Tab

The Training Tab is where you can upgrade your proficiencies using Training Data and unlock new weapons.

Dataforge Tab

The Dataforge Tab is where you can perform all the actions related to forging, evolving, upgrading and rerolling items.

Satoshi's Crystals Tab

On the Satoshi's Crystals Tab, Legionnaire and Apemo Army holders can accumulate Satoshi’s Crystals by accepting the TOS and opting in at the following link:

For FAQs related to Satoshi’s Crystals, please visit:

Mint Tab

On the Mint Tab, players can Mint items from their inventories to their connected blockchain wallets. This allows the items to be sold via thirdparty marketplaces.

Download Tab

The Download Tab allows players to download the latest version of the Legions 2029 or Hyperplay Launcher. From the Launchers you can download the Legions 2029 game. The version downloaded from Hyperplay allows blockchain transactions to be performed in game by connecting your wallet to Hyperplay and using their in game overlay. The Legions 2029 launcher allows blockchain transactions to be done via the Legions 2029 web DAPP. Both versions of the game allow full functionality using inventory items within the game.


The Marketplace currently allows players to list for sale and purchase their Legionnaire and Apemo Army NFTs. Soon, there will be an ability to list and purchase all Legions 2029 NFTs.


The Leaderboard displays the highest scores from players participating in the Speedrun Tournaments.

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