Gameplay: Game Controls

Satoshi's Legions is designed to be a fast-paced action game. In this spirit, we are testing a combat system that focuses on mobility rather than a blocking system. The following are some of the current combat features, with a brief explanation.

Primary Attack: Default "Left Mouse Button"

This is a faster attack, meant to target the enemy directly in front of you. Enemy Lock targets to further focus on your target.

Secondary Attack: Default "Right Mouse Button"

This is a slower but more widespread attack. It deals less damage than the primary attack, but in some situations, this may be the most ideal and efficient tactic. This attack also has the benefit of reducing the cooldown of your primary ability by 1 second for each enemy hit.

Abilities: Default "E, R, F"

Press E to use your Primary ability. Once the cooldown timer resets, you can use the ability once again. Once you have unlocked additional ability slots, press R and F to use those abilities.

Enemy Lock: Default "CTRL"

Lock onto an enemy to better track them. This is particularly useful when fighting enemies with more health. Pro Tip: Taunt the Flamethrower to use their ability. When on cooldown, charge in, lock on, and take them down fast before they have a chance to recharge for the kill.

Dash: Default "Space Bar"

This ability can help you quickly get out of your enemies' reach. You can dash forwards, side to side, and backward. Stick and move.

Roll: Default "Double Tap Spacebar"

Double-tap the Spacebar to Roll. Rolling allows you to move THROUGH enemies when you get caught in a corner or become heavily mobbed.

Sprint: Default "Left Shift" Toggle ON and OFF

An important feature to move quickly through the outskirts. Sprint is key locked, so you do not need to continuously hold your finger down on the key. However, note that while sprinting, your Biosynth makes more noise and might attract more attention (which may be desired on levels in which you are overpowering your enemies).

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