Gameplay: Mode Selection

Campaign Mode

Overview: By selecting the “Campaign Mode” you will play through the main story of the game. In Campaign Mode, once you defeat a boss, you will unlock a checkpoint that will allow you to bypass that gang and print directly into the next gang’s territory. But beware, by doing so you will forgo valuable Upgrades and Energy that may prove vital as you progress deeper into the Outskirts.

Difficulty: Select between the Trainee (Easy) and Rebel (Normal) difficulties before you print into the Outskirts. The Trainee Difficulty is meant for players who have not experienced a third person hand to hand combat game before and want an easier experience. Enemies are 50% less difficult but also grant 50% less rewards. The Rebel difficulty represents the “normal” playthrough of the game and should be selected by players who are looking for more of a challenge.

Print: Begins the run in the Outskirts in the mode selected.

Timed Challenge Mode

Overview: The Timed Challenge Mode is intended to act as the endgame content for players looking for a competitive gameplay experience with prizes.

Difficulty: In Timed Challenge Mode, you can now select difficulties ranging from 1 to 30. This selection sets the difficulty level for all enemies and sectors you will face. This maintains a consistent difficulty throughout all sectors based on your initial setting. Each challenge consists of three sectors, each containing four areas. Setting a higher difficulty will increase both the challenge and the rewards you receive.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard in Timed Challenge Mode sorts entries first by difficulty level and then by completion time.

Boosts: Boosts enhance your Biosynth's stats. Players receive one free boost of each type every 24 hours. Additional boosts can be obtained through the battle pass. Boosts temporarily enhance your character's stats such as damage, overkill, shield, health, and luck, and last for the duration of a single run. Using boosts strategically can help you achieve higher scores and complete tougher challenges.

Gameplay Features:

  • No Cinematics: To streamline the experience, there are no cinematics at the beginning or end of the run. Rewards for each sector are given only upon death or completion of the entire challenge.

  • Energy Management: Players start with 200 energy and can spend it at charging stations located at the end of each sector, adding a strategic layer to how you manage your resources. These stations allow you to heal your Biosynth and purchase elemental upgrades for your abilities at charging stations. Additionally, if multiple elemental abilities are unlocked, you can switch between them at these stations, allowing for greater strategic flexibility.

  • Consistent Rewards: The rewards you receive correspond directly to the difficulty level chosen.

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