User Interface: Aesthetics

Overview: The Aesthetics feature in Legions 2029 allows players to customize the appearance of their Biosynths, weapons, and masks.

Biosynth Skins: Players can now overlay different skins on their Biosynths. This includes the ability to use any Legionnaire or Apemo Army avatar as a skin. This feature enables players to maintain their top stats while changing their character's appearance. Additionally, skins earned through the Battle Pass or created custom avatars can be used as skins once certain requirements are met.

Masks: Masks are collectible items that can be earned in various ways, including through the Battle Pass. These masks can be equipped on characters, adding another layer of customization. Examples include special edition masks like the hand-drawn Jose Delbo mask, which is available as a prize in the Battle Pass. Masks can be minted as NFTs using the mint button in the inventory.

Weapon Skins: Weapon skins can be applied to any weapon in the player's arsenal. Players can use legendary weapons as skins or earn new weapon skins through the Battle Pass. These skins change the appearance of the weapon while maintaining its original functionality.

How to Customize:

  1. Accessing the Customization Tab: Navigate to the "Configuration" tab from the main menu, then click on "Customize" next to the Biosynth option.

  2. Applying Skins: On the left side of the screen, players will see their inventory of available skins. They can select and apply Biosynth skins, masks, and weapon skins from this menu.

  3. Minting Skins: Once a skin is applied, players can choose to mint it as an NFT, allowing for further customization and ownership of their in-game items.

Future Expansion: The Aesthetics feature is set to expand, offering more ways for players to earn and use skins. We aim to integrate skins from other projects into Legions 2029 and bring new IPs into the game.

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