A. Go to: https://game.legions2029.com/register;

B. Review and Agree to the Terms of Service;

C. Fill in the requested information;

D. Click Register.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you take note of your credentials.


A. Connect your blockchain wallet using the “Connect Wallet” button;

B. Select your wallet provider;

C. Click the “Link” button to link your wallet to your account;

D. Sign the message verifying that you are the owner of the wallet address.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system may take a few minutes to update your account. When the wallet has been fully synced, you should see an active “Download Client” link in the top right corner. If you do not see this after a few minutes, please refresh the page.


A. Choosing A Launcher

There are currently two launchers where the Legions 2029 Game client is available to be downloaded for free - the Legions 2029 Launcher and the HyperPlay Launcher. Both launchers offer an identical version of the Legions 2029 game with one notable exception, once you connect a blockchain wallet to the HyperPlay launcher, you can use the HyperPlay launcher's overlay to sign blockchain transactions without ever leaving the game client.

In both versions of the game, you will be able to perform item related actions not involving blockchain items (such as actions only affecting items in your inventory). You will also be able to mint your custom created avatar using a button contained in either version. However, if you want to perform blockchain related actions other than minting your Biosynth, you will need to use the Legions 2029 DAPP if you are using the Legions 2029 Launcher version.

B. Downloading the Legions 2029 Launcher

A. On the Download Client tab click Download For Windows and an executable file containing the launcher will begin downloading;

B. Once the executable file finishes downloading, run it to open the launcher.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we are a relatively new publisher and this is a new version of the game launcher that has not been downloaded many times, your Windows Defender may trigger a warning. You can bypass this warning by clicking More Info and Run Anyway.


A. Once the Launcher loads, click the “Download” button. The game will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to download depending on your internet connection and requires roughly 14 GB of free space.

B. Once downloaded, click the “Play Now” button and you will be taken to the Game.

Downloading the HyperPlay Launcher

  1. You can download the HyperPlay Launcher using the button on the "Download Client" Tab of the DAPP or by going to: https://store.hyperplay.xyz/game/legions

  2. Once there, you will be prompted to download the HyperPlay Launcher before downloading the game.

    1. For more information about configuring the HyperPlay Launcher, please see: https://docs.hyperplay.xyz/install-hyperplay

  3. Once you have installed the HyperPlay Launcher, navigate to the games tab and locate Legions 2029. On the Legions 2029 page you can click the Play/Install Game button. Once the game has finished downloading, click play to play the game.


A. Once you reach the login screen, input your credentials and click “Connect”;

B. If this is your first time playing and you do not have a Biosynth from the Satoshiverse collections, you will be prompted to create one.

C. When finished creating your Biosynth, click Initiate to begin your journey into the Outskirts!

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