Windows Defender Alert

Issue: Because the game is new and few people have downloaded, your Windows Defender may alert you to that fact. Status: This issue should resolve on its own as the game is downloaded by more people.


Pending TXN Bug

Issue: There is a bug that causes TXNs to display as “Pending” in your wallet indefinitely although they have successfully gone through. This is just a visual bug but we understand it is annoying and we are investigating solutions.

Status: Investigating.

Workaround: You can clear the activity of your wallet in settings. For Metamask, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Clear Activity Tab Data.

Low Gas For Blockchain Transactions

Issue: Currently, if you attempt to do a blockchain transaction in the game client using the HyperPlay overlay, you will notice that the gas for the transaction is being sent with a low GWEI. This sometimes causes the transactions to take a long time to go through and the game to time out. We are working with HyperPlay on a solution that will allow the system to suggest a higher gas amount.

Status: Waiting On HyperPlay to deploy fix.

Workaround: You can manually change the gas to the “Aggressive” amount in your Metamask or other wallet settings.


Custom Key Bindings

Issue: Numbers cannot currently be used as bound keys if you set custom key bindings and custom key bindings saving between logins.

Status: Investigating.

Workaround: If you experience issues, we suggest you use the default settings for the time being.

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