Gameplay: Acquiring Data (Loot)

As you battle through the Outskirts, your Biosynthโ€™s AI constantly processes data, allowing you to evolve your skills and power. You must complete a Sector to acquire any data from that Sector. The various forms of Data you can acquire in the Outskirts include:

Data Points (In-Game Resource): The game's equivalent of experience, allowing your Biosynth to level up. Check the Bioprinter when you level up, as you may have access to new abilities or items.

Training Data (In-Game Resource): There is a chance of acquiring Training Data at the end of each Sector (additional methods may be available in later versions). Training Data is used to upgrade your Combat and System Proficiencies and unlock Basic Weapons and System Components. There are four different types of Training Data. Each Combat proficiency now levels up separately (Bludgeoning, Slicing, and Chopping), unlocking the associated Ability Type (Blast, Wave, Strike) within each Combat proficiency. There is also System Training Data which allows you to level up your System Proficiency, giving you a boost to your Shields and Health, as well as unlocking System Components.

Energy (In-Run Resource): Energy is accumulated during a run and disappears at the end of a run (use it or lose it). Spend Energy at Charging Stations to replenish your Biosynth's health or shield, or upgrade its damage.

Augments (Resource): Can be used to evolve or upgrade weapons and computer components in the Dataforge. Offensive and Neutral Augments can be used on Weapons and Offensive System Components. Defensive and Neutral Augments can be used on Defensive System Components.

  • Strength Augment (Offensive): Adds +50% Damage Bonus to an item.

  • Haste Augment (Offensive): Adds +5% Increased Attack Speed to an item.

  • Precision Augment (Offensive): Adds +5% Critical Hit Chance to an item.

  • Overkill Augment (Offensive): Adds +25% Damage to Critical Strikes to an item.

  • Vitality Augment (Defensive): Adds +50% Health Bonus to an item.

  • Overshield Augment (Defensive): Adds +50 Shield Bonus to an item.

  • Sprint Augment (Defensive): Adds +5% Movement Speed to an item.

  • Diffusion Augment (Defensive): Adds +4% Damage Mitigation to an item.

  • Focus Augment (Neutral): Adds Reduced Ability Cooldowns by 5% to an item.

  • Luck Augment (Neutral): Adds 10% Luck to an item.


Luck increases your probability of finding rare items.

Luck currently comes from 3 sources:

  1. Avatar Luck: Each Legionnaire or Apemo Army avatar has a luck bonus that is attributed to it based on its traits. When you use that avatar in a run, the luck bonus is applied.

  2. Item Luck: Weapons and System Components may have Luck as a trait.

  3. Luck Bonus: 10% of the sum of all the Avatar Luck for all avatars in your connected wallets is applied to your luck in run.

Please note that the current amounts of Luck are for testing purposes only and are subject to change.

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