User Interface: Battle Pass

Battle Pass

Overview: The Battle Pass is a feature introduced in Season 1 of Legions 2029, designed to provide players with additional objectives and rewards. The Battle Pass includes a variety of tasks and prizes that players can unlock as they progress through the game.

Objectives: The Battle Pass is divided into tiers, with each tier containing specific objectives. These objectives are categorized into two types: Season Biosynth objectives and Open objectives.

  • Season Biosynth Objectives: These tasks can only be completed with a Season Biosynth, which is a new character created during the current season. These objectives guide players through the main gameplay loop, including campaign missions and reaching certain biosynth levels. Examples include reaching biosynth level 5, defeating bosses, and progressing through the story.

  • Open Objectives: These tasks can be completed with any biosynth, regardless of when it was created. They are typically more challenging and often involve completing Timed Challenges at higher difficulty levels. Examples include completing Timed Challenges with specific conditions, such as using certain weapon types or maintaining a high shield percentage.

Ciphers: Completing objectives in the Battle Pass rewards players with Ciphers, a new non-NFT resource that is account-bound. Ciphers can be used to purchase various prizes available in the Battle Pass.

Prizes: The Battle Pass offers a range of rewards, including masks, training data packs, boost packs, weapon skins, and Biosynth skins. Some of these prizes are exclusive to players who have claimed the Battle Pass, while others are available to all players.

  • Masks and Aesthetics: Masks are part of a new aesthetic feature that allows players to customize their avatars.

  • Boost Packs: Boost packs provide additional boosts that players can use in the Campaign and Timed Challenges to enhance their performance.

  • Training Data Packs: These packs offer training data that can be used to improve Biosynth stats.

  • Weapon Skins: Skins for weapons that allow you to change their aesthetic features.

  • Biosynth Skins: Biosynth skins allow you to change the appearance of your Biosynth to an entirely new one.

Claiming the Battle Pass: For Season 1, the Battle Pass is free for all players. To claim it, players simply need to click the "Claim" button in the Battle Pass tab. In future seasons, the Battle Pass may be a purchasable item.

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